Health, Hope, Happiness, Inspiration, Education, Sports

The power of a good pair of shoes to a child with few possessions- who are living under extreme poverty conditions- can have paramount effects on a child’s future. Around the world, shoes protect children against diseases and infections from walking barefoot- keeping children healthy. New shoes provide happiness to children, as they feel loved and supported unconditionally. Shoes represent hope to children as having shoes removes a barrier to school attendance. Shoes bring comfort and opportunity to children to obtain an education. With a new pair of sneakers children are more willing and interested in playing sports than when playing without shoes.

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We need your support now ore than ever. We are growing rapidly, every year we collect more shoes than the previous years. We need your help raising funds to use towards the cost of storage, shipment and local transportation of the shoes from one village to village. Donate today, your support is very crucial to our success.



We started our journey a little over four years ago. As the years go by we expand and have since gained enormous support. Together we can transform the lives of children who don’t posses basic necessities, which they see as luxuries. Donating your time, shoes, and only can allow us to continue to operate and eventually help kids all around the world not just in African countries.  


THOUSAND pairs of shoes shipped

So far we have shipped over 50 thousand pairs of brand new shoes to Africa. Donate, give shoes, and participate in the work we are doing to ensure children and young adults live an active, healthy, happy and vibrant lives.