Our Impact

The power of a good pair of shoes to a child with few possessions and living under extreme poverty conditions can have an impact that is empowering.  Shoes protect children against diseases and infection from walking barefoot, keeping children healthy. New shoes provide happiness to children that someone out there cares and loves them unconditionally. New shoes as a gift to a child living in extreme poverty inspires hope to the child to feel worthy. Shoes lower barriers to school attendance, which increases chances of obtaining education. With a new pair of sneakers children are more willing and interested in playing sports.

Our mission empowers and inspires.



Million Dollars Raised

We urgently need your support now more than ever. We are growing rapidly. We need your help raising funds to use towards the cost of storage, shipment and local transportation of the shoes from one village to another. Donate,your support in every way is crucial to our success.



Years Serving villages in west africa

Its been four years since we first started collecting shoes and shipping them to Africa. Every year we have collected more shoes than the previous years. Support us, together we continue to transform lives of people stricken by extreme poverty one child at a time, one village at a time. 



Thousand pairs donated

So far we have shipped over 50 thousand pairs of brand new shoes to Africa. Donate, give shoes and participate in the work we are doing to ensure children and young adults live an active, healthy, happy and vibrant life.