Get Involved

Your generous donation allows us to achieve our mission by having the ability to ship the shoes to Africa, afford the cost of storage here in USA and in Africa and transportation of shoes from one village to another. Every child deserves a pair of shoes. Your 20dollars every month covers 10 children. By joining our $20for10 program you are providing us with the financial support that we need to succed.Your donation makes a difference! 



Because of you we are able to transform the lives of people stricken by extreme poverty and living in the most rural areas of Africa. Donate any amount. No donation amount is too small. Your donation allow us to continue with this valuable mission of providing shoes to those who need it the most.. 2$=1pair.


Volunteers are needed in our warehouse all year round to help with the process of sorting and packing products donated. Anyone with a willingness to serve can help. This activity is a perfect for the youth, schools, churches or community groups!

Give Shoes

Shoes is a luxury that most people in the villages of Africa can not afford due to lack of money. By donating your gentle worn shoes you are helping transform someone's life who is stricken by extreme poverty. Help us collect as many shoes as possible by hosting a shoe drive. 

Spread the word

There is no better way to help raise awareness of this mission than to be an active advocate yourself. Help spread the word by telling your friends and family, promoting by posting our fliers on your social media page. Your support is crucial to our success.