Niger, West Africa

July 6th - 15th 


While in Niger, the daily operations of Afrikicks team is to distribute shoes for atleast 10 days. You will be a part of the team the whole time traveling from one village to another. You will help with the whole process of distribution and handing out shoes. Life in Africa doesn’t move at the pace you might be used to. More details will be provided upon arrival.



General Trip Planning / Travel Information

• The cost of your plane ticket varies seasonally and airline by airline but you can expect something around $1,500.  
• You will need a visa
•  We arrange for all local transportation. 

•  The only required vaccine is Malaria, but depending on your health we suggest that you speak to your doctor for further recommendations. 
•  Food, phone, and shopping money are at your own discretion.  



Afrikicks will provide. 

Prepare for your trip

What to have : Always Water.

What to Wear: Casual Jean and T-shirt is perfect. For men, long pants are required – no shorts. For ladies, Long skirt (past your knees) and a t-shirt. Please do not wear shorts or pants. We recommend that you wear close toed shoes.

Photography: We will be working and distributing shoes to people in the villages. Often, some of them it's their first time to wear shoes, please take pictures discretely, be sensitive to those you are photographing. We do not want people to feel as though we are there to expose them, we are there to serve them. If you are not sure if it is appropriate to take a certain picture, please ask one of the Afrikicks staff members. Having said that, pictures are a powerful way to involve people back home and around the world in what you are doing in Africa.

Giving: Please refrain from giving anything to those in the villages without permission from a Afrikicks staff member. This may include, but is not limited to, water bottles, snacks, candy, money, etc. Gifts like this often cause fights between the children and can end in riots or injuries. Please ask a staff member if there is something you have to be given out.

Flexibility: While we strive to keep things on schedule, this is Africa and plans change. Please be flexible when it comes to timing, length of drive, duration of distribution, or roles assigned. Please come willing to fit in with the team. Whenever you are needed be available and know that everything doesn’t always happen as we plan for it to. Please feel free to ask us any questions along the way!

After Distribution: After all the shoes are distributed it's then that we participate in fun touring activities. 


Trips Cost $3700.00 / Per Person

Does include domestic local airfare, accommodations and local transportation.

Max Size:15-20 people

Min Age 18+


100% of the proceeds from you go directly back to what Afrikicks is doing on the ground. Therefore All paid prepayments are Non-refundable