Afrikicks is built on transparency, integrity and commitment to service.

Founder & CEO

Oumarou Idrissa from West Africa, Niger. He is the epitome of inspiration, a force to be reckon with. Oumarou was inspired by his humble beginnings and journey through challenges that he was able to cope with by playing soccer. Rubbing shoulders with the stars through Uber driving has enabled him to build relationships that have been the foundation of Afrikicks. 

Idrissa believes no child should lack any basic needs such as clothing, health aid, and an education. His passion to advocate for those affected by extreme poverty has fuelled the work behind Afrikicks. His passion, determination, and perseverance has brought Afrikicks to where it is at today.  

Director of Finance

Yolanda Ezell is a professional boxer, model and the CEO of MSKnockout. As a model seeking to keep fit and healthy, Yolanda always look for energizing ways to exercise. When a modeling friend mentioned that she boxed as part of her workout regimen, Yolanda was intrigued. At the time this friend appeared on a cable TV show called the “Perfect 10 Model Boxers“. A quick call to the recruiters and one team work out later, and Ms. Knockout was part of the troupe and well on her way. Yolanda was ranked 3rd in the nation as an amateur boxer and decided to turned professional. Later she joined Afrikicks to help move the mission forward.

Director of Marketing

Eboni Elektra holds an executive responsible for making high-level decisions regarding advertisement campaigns. Some duties and responsibilities include: review current marketing trends and advertisements to determine the effectiveness of different styles and strategies; analyze fundraising goals in comparison to the marketing budget in order to determine the best campaigns that are most effective; research competitors to stay current with similar program services on the market; work with both the public relations and program mangers to develop successful strategies and campaigns that attract new donors and keep current financial supporters; collaborate with other executives to make high-level decisions regarding the budget and the direction of the nonprofit organization; create and maintain a successful brand and image that attracts donors to the organization and its services; and develop marketing strategies for services that comply with organization’s mission, goals and objectives.